Natural elements can pose a threat to furniture items stored in a storage units. Extreme temperatures, whether high or low, can wear leather or wooden items. Storage units are meant to keep items safe and unharmed. To yield maximum protection, renting a climate controlled unit is a primary option. These units will produce benefits that non-regulated units cannot guarantee.

Climate controlled storage units offer weathering protection, are cost effective, more secure, and comfortable to visit.

Temperature controlled units are typically maintained at 55 and 85 degrees Farenheit. This protects against humidity and freezing effects. If the unit is in a very warm environment, humidity can set in. Moisuture in the air can then change the furniture. Freezing can cause wood to expand and contract, which results in the furniture weakening or even cracking. Extreme heat or cold can yellow any item, and overall leave them with a tampered look.

While climate controlled units are more expensive, they can be cost effective in the long run. If weathering effects have ruined your items, it can be more expensive to replace them in comparison to purchasing a controlled unit in the first place. Because of this, valuable items should be stored in temperature controlled units. Placement of valuables in these units also gives them a higher level of security. No one should suffer the loss of a prized possession with so many options available. Typically, temperature controlled units are in the middle of a facility. Unlike drive-up units, they are away from every-day commotion.

Lastly, climate controlled storage units are more comfortable to visit for two reasons: the room temperature and cleanliness of the unit. If you are going to be frequenting the unit, you don’t want to spend time in a confined room at 95 degrees. Controlled units provide a place for owners to spend time in the units. Furthermore, they are cleaner. Less debris can reach the interior as compared to those on the edge of the facility.

Placing items in a climate controlled unit is prosperous in the long run, and is worth every mover to consider.

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