Backing into Your Garage Door…Really

It seems ridiculous, with all the attention on how high the numbers are on car accidents and the value of defensive and responsible driving, to finally earn a place in the statistics by backing into your garage. It is undoubtedly a car accident and is usually covered under property damage insurance, but it is perhaps not something that one can easily admit to or live down.

There are no figures available on the frequency for this type of car accident, so it probably does not happen too often. Several scenarios can lead to this incident, and not all are necessarily a reflection on a person’s driving ability. After all, garage doors are mechanical devices with moving parts that can fail, and most people presume that it will always work as expected. On the other hand, it could just be bad driving.

The good thing about this is that no one is likely to have gotten hurt except possibly for a bruised ego, but the same may not be true for the vehicle. The bad news is that it is likely a garage door repair professional will be needed to fix the damage. Garage doors are heavy, so even just putting back a derailed runner can lead to serious injury if done by an amateur. As mentioned earlier, this should be covered by homeowner’s insurance, so the best move would be not to try doing any repair but to report the damage to the insurance company.

If the damage makes the garage door difficult or impossible to use or poses a security risk, do not wait for the adjuster to inspect it. Take pictures of the damage, and get a garage door repair company to fix it. Make sure to keep job estimates, invoices and receipts to support the insurance claim.

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