Accidents and mistakes happen, but that doesn’t mean you should pay or suffer any more for the wrongful death of a loved one. Knowing that there is no way to bring back a loved one, fighting for the justice of their legacy can give you a piece of mind.

Even in hospitals, which are supposed to be centers of healing, mistakes can happen. Administering proper drug dosages is a dangerous game that can end fatally. Nursing homes, similarly to hospitals, are places of medical help and attention. As the elderly live in nursing homes, death is imminent, however, if it seems likely that that death came too soon, there is something you can do about it.

In the article from, it clearly shows how the nurse neglected to read the label on the bottle before administering the medication, thus neglecting to dilute the oral medication, oxycodone pain reliever, before giving it to Lawrence.Knowing the nursing home was at fault, they are offering a $37,000 settlement to the family, which is being discussed in court currently, and in hearing set for Oct. 2.

Lawrence had 21 grandkids and 10 great-grandkids, and by the mistake of a nurse, her life was taken from her family too soon. Having her own interior design business, raising a family, and living a good life, she developed Alzheimer’s disease, and later her condition worsened with the addition of pneumonia. Her pneumonia was being treated with antibiotics and oxycodone to relieve the pain, however, just hours after the last of five dosages of 100 mg, she passed away.

Her grieving family should not have to worry about the legal implications of this case while suffering from the loss of their mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. As Williams Khekher puts it, “taking prompt legal action against the party responsible may be the only way to protect your family, obtain justice for your deceased loved one, and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.”

There are many reasons why you should file a law suit after your loved one has experienced a wrongful death. The first being justice. We know that nothing can bring them back, but that doesn’t mean that no one should pay for what they did, literally. The second reason is that often, the wrongful death occurs on someone who provides for their family, and this compensation can help the family stay afloat. The third reason for taking legal action is so that the company truly feels the repercussions of their mistake, and hopefully prevent this mistake from happening to someone else. Sometimes legal action is the only measure to take to ensure the company has truly learned their lessons.

Just like any other law suit, it is important to seek legal action quickly. Hiring a lawyer can help you deal with the legal jargon, while you focus on the healing process of losing a loved one. Death is not something that can be taken back, but hopefully, a lesson can be learned, and compensation can be rewarded.

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Driving while intoxicated is a bad decision under any circumstances. All 50 states across have put in place a strict .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for their drivers. With any greater BAC, you are not legally or physically capable of driving. Alcohol affects your body in a multitude of ways that impair your ability to drive safely, such as reduced attention span, slowed reaction time, and difficulty with concentration. When people drive while intoxicated, they place themselves and everyone else on the road at risk. Two Philadelphia neighborhoods got a taste of the damages caused by drunk driving on August 27, 2017.

ABC 6 reported on the man who was taken into police custody, after being suspected of driving while intoxicated. At three o’clock Sunday morning, police received several reports of accidents that had occurred on Devereau Avenue.  Witnesses said that the car was driving out of control and smashing into cars along the side of the road. The driver went through two neighborhoods before the police were able to apprehend him. During this time he hit and damaged 27 cars in these neighborhoods. Fortunately, no one was in the vehicles at the time of the crashes, but there is still significant damage to many of the cars. Other witnesses said that the man was driving on only three wheels and the car was moving sideways, which caused him to hit cars on both sides of the street. The car was skidding and smoking but this did not stop the man from continuing to drive. He was able to continue moving for a full mile before police stopped his car. The 38-year-old man has been arrested and charged on several accounts, including driving under the influence.

Although this man caused serious damage to personal property, these Philadelphia neighborhoods were lucky there were no worse injuries. Individuals driving under the influence causes thousands of injuries and deaths each year, and yet this does not stop people from ending this behavior. It is hard to know what this man was thinking when he entered his vehicle that night and took off down the road. While alcohol may not have been the only thing causing his reckless behavior, it certainly did not help him make appropriate choices while driving. It is important that his man faces the consequences of his actions, and that we continue to work to stop people from drinking and driving.

The 27 people whose cars were damaged during this drunken rampage must now face the frustration of filing for insurance coverage and repairing the damages to their cars. This will cost significant time and money all because of another person’s reckless actions.

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Regardless of how Complex the Maritime Law is, there is Nothing that an Injured Victim and a Highly-Competent Maritime Personal Injury Lawyer cannot Accomplish Together

Based on records from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, a lawsuit for personal injury was filed by a Rhode Island woman in April 2016. She alleged that on January 27, 2016, while roller skating aboard the defendant’s Anthem of the Seas, ping-pong balls fell onto the roller skating rink, causing her to suffer a serious ankle fracture.

Some of today’s cruise ships are actually considered as mini cities, for, unlike the way older vessels were designed, today’s are much bigger, some can accommodate up to 4000 people (the Allure of the Seas, the biggest ship built thus far, can carry more than 6,000 passengers plus crew per voyage). Some of today’s cruise ships also come with their own tax and duty free shop, bars, pubs and nightclubs, buffet restaurants, an aqua health spa a fitness center, hair and beauty salon, indoor and outdoor swimming pools with water slides, aqua park, bumper cars, planetarium, cinemas, casino, gym, basketball courts, pool tables, ping pong tables, jogging tracks and other sports facilities, a library, a mini golf course, wall climbing and zip line facilities, skating rinks, and so forth.

While there is no denying that cruise ship holiday vacations are perfectly exciting getaways from the monotony and stress of everyday life, the issue regarding preparedness of a cruise ship’s crew members can be a major concern. In the event of disaster or an accident, cruise ships can suddenly become confined places where fear and danger can easily spread and make anyone cower towards whatever corner or space he/she can consider safe.

After the Titanic sank during its maiden voyage in 1912, resulting to the death of more than 1,500 passengers, many other cruise ship disasters have also occurred, like: the Carnival Triumph, which suffered an engine fire in November 2011, making what was supposed to be a four-day spree to the Caribbean into an eight-day nightmarish experience in the Gulf of Mexico; the Carnival Splendor, which was stranded in the Pacific Ocean due to engine fire; the Seabourn Spirits, which was attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia in 2005; the Celebrity Mercury, where about 400 of its 2,600 passengers and crew were stricken by a norovirus outbreak in 2010.

Crimes and sexual assaults are also committed at sea; however, since cruise ships travel in international waters, proper investigation may become impossible not only because the laws governing such crimes can vary from one territorial water to another but also due to the possible contamination of evidences.

To guarantee passengers’ safety and security, the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has required all its members to report all claims of serious crime to the appropriate law enforcement agency, while properly observing crime procedures, such as securing a crime scene and preserving evidences which need to be investigated by law enforcement authorities once they board the ship. Medical personnel trained to handle sexual abuse allegations are also required to investigate reported cases.

Besides sexual assault or harassment and accidents which can harm a cruise ship passenger, frequently reported incidences also include cases of food poisoning, slip and fall accidents, cruise medical staff negligence, assault or battery, pool or recreational area accidents, sanitation problems, virus outbreak, individuals gone missing, and even murder.

Passengers who are harmed or injured definitely have the legal right to file a civil lawsuit to seek compensation for all their pain and suffering, economic loses and medical costs that the injury will result to. However, filing a claims lawsuit against a cruise liner is neither easy nor simple. A lawsuit may be filed only in the state, city and court specified at the back of a cruise liner’s ticket (this is called the forum selection clause). A statute of limitation, which is usually within a year from the date of the accident, will also have to be strictly observed.

Due to these legal inconveniences, The Vucci Law Group, P.A., says that having a highly-competent maritime personal injury lawyer, who will be able to provide an injured victim competent court representation, especially if the he/she resides in another state and cannot attend court hearings, would really be an advantage as this may help the him/her receive the maximum amount of compensation that he/she legally deserves.

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Dentists are there to ensure that you have optimal dental health and receive treatment for any dental problem in a proper and timely manner. But there are instances where dentists make unwarranted mistakes, leading to complications, injuries, and even death. In those instances, dental malpractice claims can be pursued. There are enough dental malpractice claims in America that there are legal professionals who specialize on them, such as Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®.

But the legalities involved in medical malpractice can be very complicated. They also take a lot of your time and money. In a way, it is still better to just avoid dental malpractice altogether than risking your health, time, and money, for the possibility of compensations.

Below are the most common dental malpractice cases, because the first step in avoiding dental malpractice is knowing its most common manifestations.

Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
Misdiagnosis happens when a dentist has failed to diagnose a complication. Delayed diagnosis occurs when a dentist has failed to diagnose a complication on time. These circumstances can be devastating because there are complications that need immediate attention.

Improper procedure or utilization of dental tools
If a dentist has made a procedure incorrectly or has compromised the safety of a patient by not following safety procedures, he or she may be liable for dental malpractice. The incorrect usage of dental and surgical equipment can also be considered dental malpractice, especially if it has resulted into injury.

Installation of defective dental products
A dentist that has installed a dental product in a patient has the responsibility to ensure that the product is free from defects and malfunctions. Defective and malfunctioning products may be taken to court because of a dental malpractice claim.

Personal injury to the patient
A patient that has sustained injury because of a dentist may have grounds for a dental malpractice claim. The most vulnerable parts include the teeth, oral cavity, bone, gums, and tissues. The wrongful extraction of a tooth can also be considered a personal injury.

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Legally speaking, when a cruise ship passenger catches the norovirus while at sea, he/she is most likely not to get any compensation since there are no laws mandating cruise ships to compensate norovirus patients. It would simply be like getting sick while on a private holiday vacation, with the cost of medical treatment, doctor’s fee and medication, being shouldered by his/her insurance provider.

Norovirus is the most common cause of gastroenteritis or the inflammation of the intestines and stomach, usually due to viral infection or bacterial toxins. It is a very contagious disease which, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, affects 19 to 21 million individuals in the U.S. every year, causing up to 70,000 hospitalizations and up to 800 deaths.

The virus that causes this illness is found in the stool and vomit of infected people. There is no exact determination how this illness actually starts, though, acquiring the virus that leads to it is obviously very easy, specifically by:

  • Touching objects or surfaces that have been contaminated with the norovirus and then having
    your fingers or hand touch your mouth;
  • Direct contact with an infected person, including sharing food with him or her, or using utensil that he or she used; and,
  • Drinking or eating anything that has been contaminated with the virus.

There are people who consider the norovirus illness as a minor health issue, despite the many number of people it can immediately affect and the pain and inconvenience felt by those affected. This is obviously due to the fact that those infected recuperate within three days after the symptoms appear – the usual case involving those who are healthy; however, if those infected have a weak immune system, like young children, residents of nursing home facilities and those with health conditions, then the illness may last for months or even years.

News of possible norovirus illness, especially in cruise ships, should not be taken lightly and those affected should be given competent medical care and assistance so as to hasten their recovery as well as stop the virus from spreading further and infect more passengers. Quarantine of those infected and immediate disinfection of the cruise ship is necessary, otherwise, it may result to prolonged illness, worsening of symptoms, and allergic reactions.

Every year, millions of individuals travel on cruise ships bound toward exotic locations, and many of these depart from the California coastline. The majority of these passengers head out to sea without the slightest thought of an accident and possible injury. Unfortunately, cruise ship accidents happen, and in many cases, they could have been prevented.

The details of a lawsuit depends on the nature of the injury and the circumstances which led to its occurrence. If the injury happened within three miles of the California coast line, California state law applies to the case. On the other hand, if the injury occurred farther than three miles from the coast, the case will fall under maritime law, which is different from laws on accidents that occur on land. It would be to the advantage of an injured passenger if he/she would consult with a skilled maritime lawyer, who may be able to help him/her pursue his/her case.

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